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Largo door mosquito net produced on the pulled profile (extruded) 50 mm x 20 mm is one of our systems. There are two types of extruded profiles: with a groove on the brush seal and without it. The usage of a profile with a groove with a seal increases the mosquito net stability, what is especially helpful for large-size doors. In this profile we use the internal corners which are hide so more aesthetic. The profile without a groove is a good choice in case of medium size doors. Available colors available are: white, brown, wood colors: walnut, mahogany, golden oak. 

Product Advantages:

  • extruded crossbar matched to the profile color
  • Usage of self-closing and traditional hinges in profiles colors
  • Usage of white or brown rubber gasket with a diameter of 6 mm
  • Easy installation


Contact our SALES DEPARTMENT for more information about our products.

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