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Maxi door mosquito nets are made with rolled profile with dimensions of 50x20 mm is available in the following colors: white, brown, lacquered oak and lacquered walnut. For those mosquito nets we join 2 self-closing hinges, 1 normal hanger, 2 magnets and a white, brown or wood-like (golden oak) handle. Also, for this profile we recommend the usage of crossbar and the lower bar, called „the kick”. The hinges are available in white, brown and golden oak. In door mosquito nets we use grey or black nets anchored by seals with a diameter of 6.5 mm in the colors: white, brown, and wood-like (golden oak).

Product Advantages:

  • effective protection from insects
  • possibility of going through the balcony
  • penetration of air and light
  • mounting to the window frame or cavities
  • good visibility


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